Saturday, March 5, 2011

Late Fia Friday and a Question

After a Bath
Oops! I missed Fia Friday! I wasn't online yesterday though and Fia's been a brat lately so I've been running around after her making sure she's not chewing up any more of my favorite shoes.
Closest the two have ever been (without Fia getting smacked)
Do you do Netflix? My husband recently set it up for me and I'm addicted which is very strange since I never watch actual TV. I'm getting caught up now though! I actually watched the first episode of 21 Jump Street last night with Johnny Depp and I wasn't crazy about it but I did like some of it. The show must be good if it lasted as long as it did. Does anyone have any other suggestions for me to watch? Movies too!


  1. It sounds like Fia is making herself at home! I don't watch Netflix, but my husband does.

  2. We are debating Netflix. I think I should just sign up all ready... My friends say it is good for documentaries. I have browsed through a bit, but that's it so far.

  3. Fia is adorable! She and Sammy should get together as I spend the majority of my time running around after him making sure he doesn't chew anything up too.

    I'm no help on the movie front. I try not to watch too much tv except for my reality shows.

  4. I love Fia Fridays, she is such a cutie!

    If you like your Tv a little dark I'd suggest Dexter, or True Blood. Here are some of my favorite older movies - all funny: Adventures In Babysitting, Big Trouble, Uptown Girls, & My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

    Enjoy your Netflix!

  5. I was just saying on another blog that I really enjoy Netflix. I find that I am able to catch up on old movies that I've never seen before (especially ones from the 80's). In fact, I just watched Can't Buy Me Love for the first time :)

  6. She is so pretty!

    I adore Netflix and I'm loving all the new instant watch :)

    I've been watching Veronica Mars :)

  7. Netflix has worked out pretty well for me-I've watched the first two seasons of Upstairs,Downstairs(and starting on the third)and catching up with Bones,too.

    If you didn't see the miniseries version of Pillars of the Earth that was shown on Starz this past summer,Netflix has it and I recommend it highly.

  8. Fia is so darn cute! Love seeing her pictures.

    As for Netflix..Husband and I used it for years and loved it, then he insisted on going to Blockbuster because he could get movies "28 days sooner" and we can rent for free from the store when we bring in a disk from the mail. I would like to go back to Netflix and pay the low fee for streaming and just stream via pc to the tv though. I haven't convinced the Husband of this yet. Probably because he knows my next step would be cancel tv and just use Netflix and online channels for everything..and he's a tv addict. lol

  9. awww...Fia is too cute!
    I used to have Netflix but cancelled it since we werent watching tv that much. It is a great resource though.
    I was watching The Tudors for a while.

  10. Fia, Fia, you're so fine! I hope you have decided on some good movies to watch. :D


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