Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Hey guys! Sorry I’ve been away so long! I’m still not even all unpacked yet but at least we got a LOT of stuff done this weekend. I got two new lights installed (can you believe the crazy people that lived here took out the light above the sink for some strange reason?), got my ceiling patched where my husband’s electrician friend fell through (twice in one night) while they were installing some exhaust fans, got the front porch and walkway pressure washed, and I even baked cupcakes! So yeah, I was really busy and trying to recooperate these past few days.

Oh, does anyone know how to deter fiddler crabs from getting in the house? I think they’re SO creepy (hard to imagine people actually make pets out of the little things *shiver*)! I seem to sweep at least two a day out the door (three last night) and they really do creep me out…

In other news, I’m still in a reading slump but I’m currently “reading” (looking up online whatever song, show, movie, etc. that’s mentioned) three non-fiction books, all of which are over there in my sidebar. I started listening to James and the Giant Peach last night finally though so maybe I’ll get over it soon. Oh, and I’m finally getting off my lazy rear and responding to all the comments that you wonderful bloggers have left me too.

Here’s an idea I’ve been kicking around for awhile, doing a sort of article on a food, drink, etc. (including commercials) that I’m eating or drinking (I might expand this to other things some day if this goes over well with you guys!) recently. So what do you think? Sounds interesting? Well thanks for listening to me ramble, I’m off to hopefully get caught up on my blogs while I listen to the Bellamy Brothers (yep, I’m finally in the B’s in the Country Encyclopedia!).

Yes, I did take pictures of the parts of the house that I've finished cleaning but my camera is completely dead and I still can't find the charger in this mess...


  1. hi tink! I dont know anything about Fiddler Crabs, hope you get rid of them soon!
    The article idea sounds good :)

  2. "Dancing cowboys/singin' horses/gypsy music/ringin' voices" . . . I can hear it now! I love the Bellamy Brothers!


  3. Fiddler crabs in the house sounds kind of gross! I hope you figure out a way to get rid of them! I like the idea of the food post! Who isn't interested in food?!!!

  4. Hi LadyTink!

    I think the new idea for an article sounds great.

    What to do about the Fiddler Crabs -- no idea.

    I'm glad you're getting settled though.

    Dottie :)

  5. Hi, Jen! I am glad you are getting settled in. Hopefully you can figure out a way to keep those fiddler crabs out.

    I think your new feature idea!

  6. Jen, I think the idea sounds great!
    I hope you've a way of getting rid of those fiddler crabs soon!!

  7. I'm glad you are getting settled in. It's exciting to move! I love the Bellamy Brothers. Good music is essential while working around the house (unless you're listening to a good book.) :)

    Your idea sounds interesting, go for it.

    I've never lived anywhere where fiddler crabs lived. I've visited the beach and watched them dig holes. Good luck with them.

  8. Moving can be a pain. We're still trying to clean out all the junk- pipes, chairs, etc- the old owners left in the attic.

    Fiddler crabs sound gross. Good luck!

  9. Falling through the ceiling does not sound very successful! Glad that things turned out otherwise so far. Good luck on everything.

  10. I'm going to have to check out google images to see how fiddler crabs look like.

  11. I don't even know what a fiddler crab is but I'm pretty sure I wouldn't like them. lol.

    Glad stuff with the house is going well. I'd love to see some pics soon.

    Whatever you decide to do on the blog is fine by me-I always enjoy the different kinds of things you come up with.

  12. Cupcakes are always welcome :)

  13. the middle of Illinois, I have no Fiddler Crab problem. Or else, I might have an idea what to do about them!! Good luck with that...I wouldn't want the little buggers roaming my house (I did have a toad on the loose in my house for 2 days, but that is a kid story..and a long one at that!)

    Can't wait to see you posting again!

  14. exactly where did you move to that has fiddler crabs??


  16. Naida: Me too lol.

    Lezlie: I do too. They have a great website btw.
    *just let your love flow, like a mountain stream...*

    Rhapsodyinbooks: Well not gross per se, just kind of creepy. Like really big spiders that stay as far away from you as they can (mostly in corners). I haven't quite decided on how I'm going to do the food post but I'll try to give it a go sometime in July probably.

    My Blog 2.0 (Dottie): Well, trying to get settled. We'll- no make that I'll- probably still be unpacking a year from now lol. The idea about the article is still simmering but not quite ready yet...

    Wendy: Well I go several days without seeing any and then I have to run three out in one day. I'm telling you I could play hockey as good as I'm getting with that broom lol.

    Melody: You and me both lol.

    Sharon: Exciting was a couple of weeks ago now it's just overwhelmed lol. Thanks!

    CarolsNotebook: You're telling me! I only recently got the all the paint scrubbed off all the windows and floors because the previous owners were so sloppy.

    Kailana: Twice! Not once but twice! In one night! I thought I'd never get all the insulation up.

    Alice Teh: Trust me, they're creepy. Like tarantulas when they move. Yuck!

    Dar: Still have to get around to actually finding the camera lol. :)

    Lenore: Mmhm. I just adore cupcakes!

    Stephanie: Posting asap! Promise! I had never seen the creepy little buggers before moving down here either.

    DesLily: Surprisingly enough just across town. I'm just closer to the water unfortunately.

    Bingo: Aw thanks!

  17. Hi! I'm just checking in after seeing your comment/follow on my giveaway! (Thanks!)
    You have a great blog here! I have no idea what fiddler crabs even are! lol They don't sound very nice! :)
    Thanks again for the follow/comment! Good luck!


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