Saturday, May 1, 2010

Did ya Miss Me?

Wow! My last post here was in March I believe it's time to update don't you? I believe I owe a bit of an explanation for that and the reason my hiatus lasted so long is that blogging got to be more of a chore than something I did for fun. Catch-22 is that I did miss blogging but in the meantime other things began to take up my time but I'm going to try to juggle everything once more!

So nothing is really new with me and I'm still not really reading anything (I've been stuck on the same book since I last updated actually and I'm trying to work on a biography I started 2 years ago too) but I'm going to be posting some movie reviews until I do get back in the swing. In other news, my mother is going to be coming down for a visit for the first time and I'm running around trying to keep the house clean which is harder than you would think lol!

So my Google Reader is incredibly scary looking and because of that I'm going to delete everything older than a week so if anyone has anything that they wrote about older then I would love for you to post a link in the comments! Reviews you did an especially good job on, a post that generated a ton of interesting conversation, etc. PLEASe let me know!!!


  1. Welcome back, Jen! My big comeback is tomorrow. Well, I'm not sure "big" is the right word exactly. :-)

  2. Welcome back! I love the new background on your blog! (It is new, isn't it? Or have I just not been commenting for way too long?)

  3. Jen! I did miss you :) Don't worry about catching up...the "Mark all as read" button was invented for these situations :P

  4. Welcome back, Jen! I miss you so much!

  5. We've missed you and hope you can keep blogging fun this time! Enjoy your visit with your mom!

  6. I did miss you! I am so happy yo resurfaced to say hi. ;) And... how's that library looking? Hmm? Reading books or not, we want to know about the LIBRARY in your HOUSE! ;)

    Nothing earth shattering was posted on my blog, so no worries there. ;)

  7. When blogging gets a chore, it definately IS time for a rest.

    Great to have you back!

  8. Good to hear from you,Lady Tink,we did miss you:)

  9. Wendy: Of course it'll be big! I'm going to drop by to see you in a sec :)

    Aviannschild: Thank you! No, it's new. Whenever I'm away for a little bit I try to change my backgrounds (and my fonts this time) when I get back if I can find something I like. I really like this one! I do my kitchen in honeybees.

    Nymeth: I absolutely adore that button lol. I really missed your posts while I was away though :)

    Alice Teh: Thanks, I missed you too! I lurk on your Facebook occasionally.

    Bermudaonion: I'm going to try a bunch of things that will help me keep from being overwhelmed. I may go back to that asking questions thing or something similiar. I'll probably have to put up some scheduled posts that week because we have plans all over down here including going to the beach down in Florida and New Orleans too.

    Cat: Funny you should mention the library, hubby said sometime next month he's going to start working on the next wall. I'm SO excited! I was beginning to think he'd never get around to it. I have managed to pick up a few books over the last month that will help the shelves not look so bare when they go up though.

    Clement: Thanks! The time off was wonderful but now I'm ready to get back in the swing of things.

  10. Welcome back, Jen! We sure miss you!

  11. I'm glad to see you back! I agree though, that when blogging is no longer fun, it's time to take a break.

  12. Welcome back Jen!! Hope everything's well in your non-blogging life!!


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