Monday, March 31, 2008

Moving and Puppies

Hey everyone! Well I'm almost all moved into my apartment. I got internet today and it's so much faster than my old one! Yahoo!!!

I'm so glad to get all my stuff out of storage... mainly my books ;o) and I'm liking my new apartment alot.

I'm not getting a lot of sleep because I'm orphaned puppy-sitting. I mentioned before that my uncle-in-law has a ton of Boxers because he used to raise them, well two of them had puppies last Friday (the day we moved lol). All of Portia's puppies died and Katrina had to have a C-section to get her remaining two out, one of which died yesterday. Since she refused to feed it, nobody but me has the time to take care of the remaining one so that's what I've been doing in between cleaning and unpacking. Thankfully he's doing really good so far so *fingers crossed*


  1. Look at those adorable puppies!

    I am glad to hear that you are settling into your new apartment. Unpacking is much more pleasant than packing, isn't it?

  2. hi Tink, oh my gosh those Boxer pups are soooooo cute!
    Hope the little one left is doing well.


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