Thursday, May 8, 2008

BTT-Manual Labor

As you can tell I haven't done any of these weekly challenges in quite awhile and I'm not promising I'll be able to continue doing them either but here's today:

Writing guides, grammar books, punctuation how-tos . . . do you read them? Not read them? How many writing books, grammar books, dictionaries–if any–do you have in your library?

I’ve read a few different writing guides online just to see what they consider the “proper” way to write a review but I left the grammar books behind after I was through with school. I do have a dictionary but I rarely use it since has a thesaurus and an encyclopedia as well as the dictionary.

My reviews are meant to be informative but also entertaining. Hence the pictures and videos, which in turn help me remember more about the book several years down the road. It’s like my brain can only store information so long and then starts dumping certain things, mainly what a certain book is about and whether I liked it or not.

*I’m a Weekly Geek! If you have read and reviewed any of the books I have posts on over at my other blog The Movieholic & Bibliophile, I would love for you to link to yours in the comments section. No matter how old!


  1. I need words for my poetry writing. I do check in the dictionary. I seldome use online ones!

    I am into the link exchange thing too!

    My BTT post!

  2. It's amazing how the Internet has changed so many things in just a few years. Today I heard about movie reviewers who are out of work because of online movie reviews.

  3. I actually never read a book on writing...I do have a dictionary and thesaurus at home....mostly because my kids use it for home work.

    your reviews are always great, and I like how you add pictures to enhance them.

    I'm the same way, things totally pop out of my head after a while. Thats why I began a book blog, to help keep track of my books and my TBR.

  4. Yes, I refer to online nowadays too. So much easier and comes with other stuff like thesaurus etc.

  5. Your reviews are definitely entertaining and informative, Jen!

    I still have my university writing guides, if you can believe it. I don't know why. I never look at them anymore.

  6. I read manuals on writing history or academic papers. Dry stuff, but necessary.
    By the way don't forget our Sabrina contest Ladytink.


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