Saturday, September 18, 2010

A Short Cover Contemplation- Blood Lite

To my knowledge there is only two covers for the Blood Lite anthology: the tradecover/ hardcover and the mass market paperback (which is what I have) and I can't find any foreign covers. The hardcover is kind of ridiculous but it's certainly eye-catching and partly thanks to the authors, partly the illustration, it's why it was on my Amazon Wishlist for so long. I actually bought the paperback on accident! I didn't realize it was the same book but I did like a lot of the names mentioned on the cover so I picked it up at my local Waldenbooks' going out of business sale.

Okay, I need your help. I want to watch and review a horror movie but I'm having trouble picking one. What do you suggest?

....Anything but zombies.


  1. I actually like the cute cover more. I don't do horror movies - they give me bad dreams - so I can't help you out with that one.

  2. Umm...I'm not a scary movie watcher either. But if you haven't watched some of the older ones that is what I would be interested in hearing your thoughts on. Stuff like The Birds, Amityville, Creepshow, etc. My significant other loves scary movies and trying to get me to watch them. I remember watching Cujo for the first time with him and being so mad because he had fallen asleep and I was all freaked out from that crazy dog :)

  3. Have you seen the 'Exorcist' Jen? An old classic, but well worth a watch!

  4. Bermudaonion: I definitely understand that. I grew up watching horror movies (I saw IT when I was nearly 5 for the first time) but they give me more nightmares now than they did then. I actually watched a trailer for something with zombies in it last night and of course had nightmares all night.

    Samantha: I generally prefer older horror movies so that's probably what I'll be reviewing. Cujo and I never did get along... You're in luck with The Birds though! I already reviewed that one:

    Clement of the Glen: Not since I was probably 8 or 9. I may have to rewatch that one. Thanks for the suggestion!

  5. Horror movie review huh? well recently i watched "breaking day" its a more horror side of vampire, quite interesting and a bit gory. I watched the new freddy crugar them cam out with a while back, this year and it was pretty horror generated...I'd suggest one of those two. :) good luck

  6. For old school scary movies,here are a few suggestions:

    The Haunting-avoid the modern day remake and go for the b&w classic,it's such a marvel of suspense and suggestion.

    Psycho-again,bypass the remake(Gus Van Sant and company were clearly out to cash a paycheck there)-everything about it is aces and Hitchcock's trailer for the film is a weirdly witty must-see.

    The Mummy(Karloff version)-nice and spooky,especially the close ups of Karloff as the revived title character.

    Bride of Frankenstein-my all time favorite. It's funny in parts,but not in a campy way.

    Cat People-Val Lewton's first crack at this story is considered a cult classic. Very atmospheric.

    Looking forward to seeing whatever you pick!

  7. I've reviewed both of The Hauntings on my blog. Actually, the original was the first thing I did on the blog. I may just pick one of these others though. Thanks!

  8. I don't do horror but good luck :)
    I dig the new cover.

  9. Agree, the one with the green background does kinda look ridiculous :)

  10. Hiya Tink, would you consider putting a "subscribe to your blog" option on your sidebar so that I could subscribe to your blog by email? It would be nice :)

  11. I think both covers are eye catching.

    For an old horror movie I suggest The Shining or The Omen...Rosemary's Baby was also really good.


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