Sunday, October 3, 2010

Gotta Be MIA

Darren's Being Silly While I Eat Cake
Sorry I've been MIA lately! A lot of my husband's family is down for awhile that he hasn't seen in a long time for his dad's wedding reception (they got married in Savu but this is for the rest of the family to welcome her). Of course I didn't know about it until Friday night so I'm cleaning like a mad woman. TTYL!


  1. Awesome! And totally something Mr. Whimsy would do. Thanks for sharing and good luck! Last minute cleaning is the worst.

  2. I hate last minute cleaning. Relax and enjoy the family. Thanks for sharing the photo.

  3. lol - sounds like your husband communicates as well as mine. Enjoy spending time with family.

  4. Gonna be missing you. Have fun with your family, Jen!

  5. Thanks everyone! Everyone's gone now but I think the time off was good for me. Glad to be coming back though!

  6. What a relief to have an empty house again, I'm sure! I hope you had a nice time with the family. :-)


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