Friday, November 23, 2007

Day After Thanksgiving Madness

Well I did the whole "shop-to-you-drop" or in my case shop-to your-feet-scream-in-agony today. I actually had a lot of fun and got some good things: DVDs, clothes, the new Disney Scene-It Second Edition, more DVDs, and a few books of course! For some odd reason my husband wants one of those TomTom navigation thingies so I got dragged to a few stores that I have no interest in and he still didn't buy the thing lol! I picked up some of those milk chocolate with white chocolate filling Holiday Lindor Truffles as a treat for all that running around. So heavenly!

Mind you, we all got up around 4am to do all this. Crazy I know, but some people actually camped out at the Best Buy last night!!! And boy was it cold. At least everyone I saw today weren't those crazy people you always hear about. Needless to say I wanted a nap when I got home though.

For those of you not entirely Wind in the Willow-ed out yet, I have a new post on the 1983 Cosgrove Hall stop-motion film that later became a TV series. Don't worry! Only a few more left and then I'll be through with the Wind in the Willows for good.

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  1. I hit the stores on Friday too, but I waited until later in the day when the crowds had died down some. I managed to get some things I needed and a bit of the Christmas shopping done. I spent way too much money. LOL

    Sounds like you had a successful day too!


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