Friday, July 18, 2008

Another Great Show

Shear Genius works a lot like Project Runway but with hair instead of clothes. This is the other show that Living Read Girl got me into. The fourth episode was called Do It Yourself and the short-cut challenge was pretty much musical chairs but with the clients. An extremely difficult challenge but some people pulled it off, however, only a few managed to get through it okay- like Dee. Other people didn’t do so well, the worst of which was the Ronald McDonald hair color on Meredith‘s client! It was incredibly cringe- worthy but also the only bold move. Too bad, it didn’t work out- at all. Yuck!

The elimination challenge was interesting because they had to teach their clients how to recreate the look that they gave them. Then they were judged the next morning on how well their clients recreated the look. Some people played it safe and other people’s were too complex- like Meredith’s do. If you have to quiz your client before she leaves then you are certainly overwhelming her. None of the end results was actually really bad but I agree with the judges on who they sent home since it just looked unfinished. One of the other people who was on bottom is barely squeaking by so I doubt that they will last much longer either.
A note about the competitors: I think Nekisa is excessively whiny and complains way too much plus she thinks WAY too highly of herself. Meredith never did anything that made her stand out in a good way either but I do like the Texas boy Daniel’s personality and although I didn’t like him at first, Charlie has really grown on me too. Mainly because he’s very talented. I could do without some of his attitude but more times than not I agree with his opinions.


  1. I can't stand Nekisa either-she is so full of herself and not in a fun way at all! Charlie is bratty at times but much more entertaining.


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