Friday, July 11, 2008

Sesame Street is Bad for Kids?

I don't know how long this has been out but I just stumbled across it. Personally I think it's the shows today that are bad for kids and I wish whoever was in charge of this type of thing would bring back the stuff I had as a kid :(

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  1. Oh dear! Is that for real? I used to watch the show as a child too and don't think it had a bad influence on me. Well . . . Maybe I do eat too many cookies.

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  3. I watched SS when I was little and my kids wathced it too. I never thought it was was educational. And I liked cookie monster.. lol

  4. I have the DVDs in question. They are two box sets called Sesame Street: Old School. They are episodes from thirty years ago and are not comprised of current episodes. I've never heard the Sesame Workshop, the producers of the show and the DVDs, answer back to this criticism, but I think this is a big misunderstanding.

    I saw the same disclaimer on my set, and I understood it to mean that, since societal context has changed between then and now, that the older episodes may not meet the EDUCATIONAL NEEDS of today's children. The disclaimer is not meant, to my understanding, to mean that the older episodes are harmful to children.

    Sesame Street has always been formulated to teach children lessons specific to that particular generation's needs. Producers are in constant consultation with educators, psychologists, and parents as to what is best to air on the program.

    The mainstream media does a terrible job interpreting things like this to the public and leads to ill-informed opinions of an outstanding program such as this.


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