Friday, July 25, 2008

Shear Genius Episode 5

This week’s Shear Genius was called It Looks Like a Helmut. The short-cut challenge was interesting! The stylists got to work on some really cute surfers… the twist is that they had to cut and style their hair on the beach (after these guys just got out of the water) and they couldn’t wash their hair. Yikes! The only “after” look that I really didn’t like was on Daniel’s model. He took a cute guy and made him look so dorky! Glenn’s twin wasn’t as bad but she did make him look very different from his brother (I swear I’ve seen these guys somewhere before, does anyone know who they are?). The elimination challenge was a good one this week. Everyone had to create a new look on a wig (that totally doesn’t look like one) for their clients who have Alopecia, which is an incurable disease that can make the person bald. I loved that Paulo cried for these courageous women! He’s never been my favorite person on the show so I never paid him much attention but I thought that was so sweet. Plus I really ended up loving his hair style. I totally agree with the judges on who is in the top and the bottom this week. Love the winning look but I thought one of the other bottom pople (who I don’t like- at all) should have went home.

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  1. I've never seen this show, but I do like looking at before and after pictures. I agree with you about Daniel's cut. I like the original style better.


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