Friday, March 20, 2009

Edgar Allan Poe

Very few people have gotten away without reading Edgar Allan Poe or reading/ watching something influenced by him (like The Ghost and the Dead Man‘s Library by Alice Kimberly). There are harldly any to whom his name is not familiar either since it is synonymous with words like raven, pendulum, or gold bug. I too have read (and listened to) his stories and poems long before I could properly understand them. Hardly a Halloween has ever gone by where I don’t drag out The Tale-Tell Heart, Annabel Lee, or The Raven for a re-read! However you haven’t heard the latter correctly until you’ve listened to it recited by the legendary Vincent Price:

What is your favorite Edgar Allan Poe poem or story?


  1. Plan a trip to Baltimore, not only do we have a football team named in his honor, we have several other attractions that pay homage to the author, including his home and his grave!

  2. I love Poe. My favs are The Tell Tale Heart and The Raven.

    p.s. have you seen this site?
    very cute disney clipart!

  3. Oh I love Poe and Price! Thanks so much for posting this video. My favorite by Poe is a 3-way tie between The Raven, Lenore and Tamerlane. His poetry is so expressive.

  4. I love The Raven. It was one of the first poems I ever memorized. I doubt I could say it all now though.

    I enjoyed the video clip too. You're right. His reading of The Raven is very good.

  5. I have The Raven in my TBR. :)

  6. Ed South: Hubby went up there once and took all kinds of neat pics. I'd love to visit one day!

    Naida: Love that site. I used it and a few others making my header pics.

    Joanne: I've probably read Tamerlane but I don't remember it right now. Isn't Price just amazing? He really brings Poe to life.

    Wendy: I had to memorize it too in high school but I can only remember parts now.

    Alice Teh: The Price video is the complete poem but its always good to read it for yourself though.


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