Monday, September 14, 2009

Bunny Time!

So who is your favorite rabbit? Bugs Bunny, Thumper, Br'er Rabbit, Bunnicula, Peter Cottontail, Peter Rabbit, Winnie the Pooh's Rabbit, The Velveteen Rabbit, the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland? Another completely different bunny? Who (or would that be what? Ugh, semantics)?

Personally, I like them all though Thumper, Babs from Tiny Toons, and Disney's White Rabbit may be my favorites. Runny-babbits are so cute! Never understood Anya's fear of them on Buffy. I owned a couple as pets over the years but my favorite was Bobo. That bunny honestly didn't think of itself as one. It slept inside (until it chewed up the bathroom, then dad built her a hutch), would nibble on the back of your leg until you gave it a piece of bacon during breakfast, and she would even somewhat walk on a leash. Wish I had pictures of her with me but they're all with my mom.

Now Babs would like a little respect:

Bugs toys with some castaways:


  1. It has to be Brer Rabbit. Grew up reading those books. Love the ride in Disneyworld.

  2. Oo, this is tough. But I LOVE Thumper! And the White Rabbit from Disney's Alice is close to the top, although I thought him slightly dimwitted. Heh.

    Cool idea for a post!! I love bunnies, too - only not the ones with the red eyes.

  3. Bugs Bunny is a favorite of mine-love the wise cracks!

  4. I love bunnies (I used to have lots of them as pets) and my favourite cartoon bunny is Thumper!

  5. My vote has to be for Bunnicula. I re-read a couple of them lately with my daughter and they're as much fun as I remembered.

  6. Vivienne: I still haven't read the books but I plan on doing it before too much longer.

    Cat: Yeah, red eyed bunnies are scary. A friend of mine when I was in high school raised all kinds of bunnies for his mother (she owned a pet shop). My favorite were the velveteen ones though they were SO expensive!

    Wendy: Love the story behind how Thumper got his voice.

    Lady T: My favorites are when he dresses up as a lady. Wonder what Lola would say?

    Alice Teh: Love Thumper!

    CarolsNotebook: I know I read at least one of the Bunnicula books as a kid but I can't remember which one or much about it :(

  7. Thank you for the link, Jen. I enjoyed the clip quite a bit. They were such cute kids.

  8. Thumper is my favorite, anyone who calls a skunk a flower, is okay in my book.

    Dottie :)

  9. It's so hard to choose, but I've always loved the Winnie the Pooh characters so that's my favorite rabbit.

    Diary of an Eccentric


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