Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Bobby of Greyfriars Bobby

I'm talking about Greyfriars Bobby again today over on my other blog! Isn't the photo above wonderful? Here is the original caption:Having put his paw print on the dotted line, Bobby, a skye terrier from the north of Scotland, is signed to a Hollywood contract by Walt Disney. The latest in a long line of animal actors Disney has groomed for stardom, the shaggy pooch will have the title role on Greyfriars Bobby, a dog whose devotion to his master earns him immortality.

Now I'm not sure if it's the same Bobby from the film or not but if it is then this little dog was bought by the Chief Constable of Edinburgh whom he gave to a children's home. He lived a little longer than the original Bobby- almost 18 years in fact.


  1. I love the photo but then again, anything with my man Walt in it is good for me! Thanks for the post!


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