Friday, October 2, 2009


I reviewed The Summoning today and it reminded me of a show I used to love on MTV called Fear. Well I found it online! This was such a cool show where there were contestants that had to do dares in haunted locations. It actually had quite a following and was only cancelled due to how much it cost to produce them.

I remember it scaring the heebie jeebies out of me then (I was 13-14 when it was on air) and it still does now. It was kind of like an early Ghost Hunters but they told why that particular place is haunted. A delightful reality TV show that I sure wish would be duplicated one day. Well, I'm off to watch more now, won't you join me?

Have you ever had a ghostly encounter? Do you want one? Not sure if I could deal if I did run into something like that though I've always been a huge ghost story fan. I have a nice collection of collected ghost stories and have checked out all that every library I've been to had available since I was a kid. Do you have any favorite ghost stories or ghost story collections you could recommend me? Please?!


  1. Haha I remember this show. I used to think that something horrible would happen to the people there, but then I kept reminding myself that if something bad did happen they wouldn't air it.

    I don't have any scary stories to share sadly but I was always scared that if I was on that show and locked in a dark room and supposed to wait there that I would start singing a nursery rhyme or something (like row row row your boat) to keep myself from thinking about scary stuff. And then something in the room would start sing the song with me. Lol that would terrify the crap out of me.

  2. I've never even heard of this show....I'll go check it out. ;)

  3. Mishel: I did too! I remember the one where their dare was to put on a noose and jump or something like that and I was like, surely they won't hurt the contestants! Oh that would be super creepy! I just know one day I'll get creeped out and start talking out loud and then get answered but yep, yours is much creepier.

    Michele: Now that I've compared them, Ghost Hunters is actually a bit better but I still liked the mood of Fear.

  4. I don't watch TV so chances of me having watched this is very slim...

  5. I dont remember this one, but I love shows like this!
    I have seen a ghost before. Maybe I'll blog about it :)

  6. Yes, I totally remember this show. The one with the abandoned mental hospital was the best.

    My wife has had several ghostly encounters, none scary, just sightings.

  7. I watched a half a minute of that show once....NOT for me!

  8. I remember this show. I really liked it. I can't think of any ghost story collections right now but I'll think about it. When I was a baby we lived in a haunted house so my parents say. Apparantely someone had killed themselves in the house and didn't like children. I had almost died in that house before they moved out. Glad I was too young to remember.

  9. Alice Teh: I've never been much for TV myself but this was one show I always tried to make time for back then.

    Naida: Ghost Hunters is better but it's still a good show. Hope you do! Great Halloween story!

    Paxton: I only remember a few episodes. Not sure if I could ever get through a ghost encounter without wigging out big time lol.

    Lenore: Lol!

    Dar: Wow freaky! I grew up in my great-grandmother's house and everyone said there were ghosts there but I never encountered one to my knowledge. They were all family anyways so I doubt I would have had anything to worry about. I took a friend there and she swore it felt like someone was following us around the yard (really, really big yard).


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