Monday, October 12, 2009

First Mailbox Monday

Hi guys! I'm going to play Mailbox Monday! I get several things in the mail this week, mostly samples I sign up for online and such but occasionally I'll win giveaways! So here are things I got last week:

Last Monday
A Pur Pitcher

Lysol giveaway & earrings from Lucid Jewelry
(not the best pic of me but I am wearing the earrings!)

nothing :(

Two books from Need More Bookshelves
Ghost Ocean by S.M. Peters and The Turning Tide by Diana Pharaoh Francis

Soap and candles from Ozark Scents

Two crotched bees from Parami Panda Crochet &
Smu*Topia Jewelry loose bead on clasp (like to use on a purse zipper)


  1. Jen, the mailman has been very busy for you last week. Great stuff you have there. I like the pic of you with the earrings. :D

  2. Lots of wonderful goodies! Those bees are adorable.

  3. I am so envious, all I get in the mail are bills!! Great stuff! Love the soap.

  4. Wow - you must know your mailman by his first name now. I am very impressed. You look lovely in the earrings too. I like the sound of Ghost Ocean.

  5. Dude, I love getting crap in the mail. It's so much fun. My wife and I just got a huge sample of a baby nutrient drink and we don't even have kids. So awesome.

  6. Haha I read that as "Lysol earrings" and thought, WHAT??

    Hey, awesome week of things in the mail! I am especially lusting after the soap and candles. Very cool!

    And I love the halloweeny background!!

  7. Your lucky!

    All I ever seem to get through my mail box are letters from people wanting to give me credit cards!!


  8. Hi LadyTink!

    You had quite a haul over at your house :)

    Hope you enjoy it all!!

    Dottie ;)

  9. Wow, you got lots of goodies in the mail! Those bees are so cute!

  10. wow, great stuff in the mail! those bees are too cute.

  11. Alice Teh: Aw thanks! Love those earrings :)

    Wendy, Aviannschild, & Naida: I just love my bees! I collect honey bees in my kitchen and these will go great with my crystal beehive. :)

    KIKI: Hubby gets the bills, I get the goodies lol. Oh the soap smells divine and really strong too. Ozark has such great products.

    Vivienne: I've only spoken to her once or twice but she seems like a really nice lady lol. Aw, you're too sweet, thank you! I've read a page or two from Ghost Ocean but I haven't gotten into it yet.

    Paxton: There are tons of blogs devoted to samples online. I always sign myself and my mom up for them. is a good one.

    Cat: Hmm, don't think I'd want to wear those lol. You really ought to try Ozark scents! That stuff is awesome! I love the site I've been getting my backgrounds from lately, thanks :)

    Clement of the Glen: Lol, I enter tons of giveaways every day or else I'd never get anything in the mail!

    Dottie: That I did! Thankfully everything didn't arrive all on one day like it did a few weeks ago. My poor mailbox nearly exploded when I opened it.

  12. Hey Jen! Wow!! Love the goodies you received! Love the bees! Too cute! And the pic of you and the earrings was great! Thanks for sharing that with us!
    I hope you had a great weekend and a wonderful Monday!

  13. Wow, it must be like Christmas every time you go to the mailbox:) How cool!

  14. Thanks Cecile!

    Jennifer: I sure wish! Last week was just a good week. I haven't gotten anything at all this week.

  15. Hi, Jen. I am so glad that you won. I myself use Lysol products and have many of them one place or another. Wipes in the car and he bath rooms, assorted cleaners in the kitchen, and a stock in the laundryroom. I hope you like the product. It does a great job both sanitizing and cleaning. It also smells good. Congradulations again on winning. It is nice to find someone appreciaes a giveaway really. Bloggers love the input and manufacturers spponsor more given the right feedback.


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