Saturday, December 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Walt!

Happy Birthday Walt! You brought smiles and joy to millions and millions of people during your life and through everything you did you continue to live on in the hearts of those people. Even people who never knew you, people like me who were born years after you had left us feel like Uncle Walt was a dear friend that we never met.

Disney Christmas Song from Once Upon a Christmas:

As Long As There's Christmas from Beauty and the Beast The Enchanted Christmas

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  1. Fun post! Thanks for the reminder!

  2. He was the biggest influence on my life. For me he was the greatest icon of the 20th Century and spread the magic of books and fairytales to countless billions of children around the globe.

    Happy Birthday Uncle Walt

  3. Sharon: You're welcome! I almost forgot myself.

    SmilingSally: That he did :)

    Clement of the Glen: I have to agree with everything you said. There will never be another like him!

  4. I just bought Daniel Snow White for christmas.

  5. Nice post,Lady Tink-Walt was one of the all time greats and deserves to be remembered well:)

  6. Great blog, just a wonderful remembrance. Thank you! ChattyGirl

  7. Lenore: It's really, really beautiful! Hope he enjoys it.

    Lady T: Thanks! Amen to that :)

    Chatty Girl: Aw thanks! Glad to "meet" you.

    Naida: :)


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