Tuesday, December 1, 2009

No Teaser- Supernatural Instead!

I still haven't found a book that I feel like reading right now so no teaser for me today. However, I decided to check out a show I've heard a lot about: Supernatural. I'm seriously loving it! It's fun and reminds me of Buffy, Blood Ties, and X-Files all rolled into one. So far Dean is my favorite character. So does anyone else watch this show? I'm only on season 2 right now so no spoilers!

I know how both of them feel! Flying doesn't terrify me but I don't find it very comforting either. Clowns on the other hand give me the creeps. I think it's because I watched Stephen King's IT when I was only 5 or 6.... I still can't watch that movie alone.

Up on the Housetop by Reba McEntire


  1. I have this series in my Netflix queue. I want to see it, I just haven't made the plunge yet. It does look good. I'm glad you are liking it. I may have to move it up the list.

    Thanks for the head's up, Jen.

  2. Again, something that I have no clue on because I don't watch TV...

  3. Supernatural sounds good. I havent watch it myself. I dont like clowns either.

  4. This is my absolute favorite show on TV! It is so well written and acted. So much rolled into one: drama, comedy, horror, angst, mythology and so much more.

    One of my favorite episodes is "Faith", but I'll leave it at that. For those that haven't checked it out yet, you must! And LadyTink, enjoy going through the seasons--it's an awesome ride!

    AJ Caywood

  5. I watch this every week, try not to miss it.

  6. Ah, I so need to get hold of the DVD for this one! Hey, Alice, you don't watch TV too? Neither do I! But I got a DVD though :)

  7. Paxton: I haven't really had time to watch any more lately but I really do like it!

    Alice Teh: I watch all the TV shows I like on the computer actually. I like being able to pause it and go back to it in a little while if I want to.

    Naida: It is! I've heard a lot about it but some of it seemed a little too hokey for me. Thankfully it wasn't.

    AJ Caywood: I'm hoping to get all the seasons for my birthday or Christmas :)

    Sharon: I don't really mind missing shows since then I can watch everything all at once without too many cliffhangers.

    Cherry: Just don't go to Best Buy to buy them. They are SO expensive there but it's not too bad on Amazon and Walmart.

  8. Oh I'm such a huge supernatural fan!! Currently watching season five. I love the mixture of humour, great music, classic horror mystery stories and of course the delicious and hilarious dean! where's my pie??? bring me some pie! glad you are enjoying it!


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