Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Séance and the Ouji Board

Has anyone here ever attented a séance? Ghosts have always fascinated me and I started off reading every collection of stories I could get my hands on at an early age (I even memorized a few that I wish I could remember who the authors are). Yet something about séances has always bothered me… it’s probably the Ouji board (yes, I know some séance’s are conducted without one but not many for the most part).

I can’t even tell you why those things freak me out but I suspect I saw a special ghost episode on Unexplained Mysteries or something as a kid (that’s where I saw the thing about possessed Raggedy Anne dolls I believe… needless to say my “lifesized” one was shoved into the corner of my closet until I could get rid of it!) about them being ways for demons to get through or something of that nature. Now I’m not saying I believe that but I’m 23 years old and I have never touched a Ouji board my entire life.

Supposedly, people have been driven mad back when it was first popularized as a novelty toy (they were original known as talking or spirit boards and have been around for centuries) or “evil spirits” came through. That caused several horror films to be made with the Ouji board as their central theme; Witchboard for example, I tend to avoid these. Other times the board has been said to predict things like major disasters. Vampires, ghosts, werewolves? Bring it on, but Ouji boards (and zombies) freak me out!

The only time a Ouiji board didn't freak me out:


  1. The only seances I've ever been to were the ones we tried to conduct at slumber parties when I was a kid. I'm sure we didn't know what we were doing. We did use Ouji Boards but they never really said anything.

  2. I've never used a Ouji Board or been a part of a seance, but I admit they fascinate me too! I'm not really sure I believe in them though.

  3. Dude, those ghost stories on Unsolved Mysteries were scary as hell. So is that Ghost Hunters show. Those things freak me out.

  4. I never took part in a seance but did own a Ouija board for awhile. I had to hide it from my dad,who kept throwing it on me(my mom had a couple of strange encounters with one,so he meant well there).

  5. While my parents were away, when I was a teenager, my brother and my friend set up a kind of Ouji Board in my bedroom using a Scrabble Board and its letters.

    We darkened the lights, set the cup in the middle and asked with our very nervous,squeeky voices if anyone was there?

    There was a very strange gurgling noise at the top of the stairs and then some faint rattling! We jumped up shouting our heads off and ran out into the road shaking like leaves.

    ...........Eventually we found out that it was our very old central heating comming on!

  6. Ooh no. Too scary. Seen to many scary films with bad things happening after using a board.

  7. Bermudaonion: I might have been peer pressured into it if one of my friends had one at a party but thankfully no one ever did.

    Wendy: I'm not 100% sure if I believe in them or not but I'm not willing to put it to the test.

    Paxton: I've found myself creeped out and talking out loud to hypothetical ghosts thanks to those shows a few times.

    Lady T: I never would have been able to have one in my house.

    Clement of the Glen: Lol! We camped out in my grandma's (huge) front yard telling ghost stories when I was a kid but we'd always run to the house before the end of the night.

    Vivienne: You can say that again!

  8. I have never took part in a seance, I'm very attracted to those things, but I'm very coward too!

  9. No seances except at sleepovers when we were like 10. And you couldn't pay me to touch a ouija board....


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