Friday, June 25, 2010

Team Puck/ Team Ash

So I finally read The Iron King by Julie Kagawa that it seems like EVERYONE is talking about and now and I’ve noticed that like Twilight before it there are Team Puck and Team Ash bloggers. Not quite sure why since we all know how Meghan feels about Ash but I have to admit that Puck is an extremely interesting character.

I don’t think I can actually pick a side in this argument even if I do adore Puck (no, I don’t exactly see him as Seth Green though it’s closer than anything else):

Cause I am Switzerland
The neutral starts here
I'm gray matter
Between a field of snow
And a river of sun
I'm content to be in the middle of
My two loves

Lyrics slightly adapted from Switzerland by the Bella Cullen Project

So do you have a favorite or are you just Team Grim? Oh and have you checked out this great fan video?


  1. I loved all the Stardust clips. ^.^ And of course the Wicked song in the background. XD Sweet trailer!

    I am totally team Puck. I just don't see the attraction with her and Ash. Okay so Ash is hot, but WHY are they in love? Completely foundation-less relationship in my opinion.

  2. I just gave up on this book a second time. I hated it with a deep passion. Seeing the fantabulous Seth Green with "Puck" written on him makes me so mad! ;) Puck was the main reason I stopped reading the book. =P

    Looks like there's me and one other person who didn't like this book at all. I think we're the only two in the world. :(

  3. WOW what a great fan video! If this was a movie, I would so be there anytime of day watching it!!!

    I just finished Iron King recently and then I read the novella after. I am in love with this series and I can't wait to read more!

    TEAM PUCK! (and I don't picture him like Seth Green! lol)

  4. puck! i love you!


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