Friday, July 2, 2010

Anita Blake Series- COMPLETE

As you may have guessed if you are one of my regular readers, I love urban fantasy or anything with vampires and/or faeries in it, I always have. However it was Laurell K. Hamilton’s Anita Blake series that introduced me to this genre. I accidentally picked up book number 8, Blue Moon and even with my dislike of reading a series out of order, I was in love. I have more books by this author than any other (besides Stephen King) and they are some of my most prized possessions.

Do I always like the Anita Blake books? Well, I’ve certainly had issues with some of her recent books, so much so that I haven’t read anything by this author since Blood Noir (book 16). The whole feel of the series has changed dramatically since the early books and though I do love them still, I still miss the early days. Therefore, I have decided to re-read and review the ones I haven’t already. It’s really testing my patience to stop and write the review instead of diving right into the next one. I can’t believe how much I’ve forgotten! So that’s what I’ll be up to for the next little while.

I raised the dead and laid the undead to rest. It was what I did. Who I was. If I ever started questioning my motives, I would stop killing vampires. Simple as that.
I wasn’t questioning my motives tonight, so I was still a vampire slayer, still the name they had given me. I was The Executioner.

EDITED TO ADD: I've joined the Anita Blake re-reading challenge

Anita Blake Series
1. Guilty Pleasures (1993)
2. The Laughing Corpse (1994)
3. Circus of the Damned (1995)
4. The Lunatic Café (1996)
5. Bloody Bones (1996)
6. The Killing Dance (1997)
7. Burnt Offerings (1998)
8. Blue Moon (1998)
9. Obsidian Butterfly (2000)
10. Narcissus in Chains (2001)
11. Cerulean Sins (2003)
12. Incubus Dreams (2004)
13. Micah (2006)
14. Danse Macabre (2006)
15. The Harlequin (2007)
16. Blood Noir (2008)
17. Skin Trade (2009)
18. Flirt (2010)
19. Bullet (2010)


  1. I have the first 4 books sitting in my cabinet waiting on me. I'm just hesitant because I hear her latter books are just sex. I like a good story line too. If I start a series I feel obliged to finish it. ~Mandie

  2. You made it much farther than I did. I stopped around book 10 I think. I wanted plot and mystery and a lot less bondage, S&M and sex. Good grief! The first books were amazing and I loved them but it got way too wanna be erotica for me. :(

  3. I've read all of the books except for the last few. I really dislike the way the series went. They were so good in the beginning and even in the middle and then boom - they weren't so good. The first in the series grabbed me and I was hooked. I really wish she had stayed with writing them the same as in the beginning - I think she's lost some readers with how they are now.


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