Tuesday, June 17, 2008

New Laptop/ Neat Blog

Not much to say today. We got our laptop with it’s super-nifty stuff like the plasma screen (I’m pretty sure that’s what Darren called it, anywho it makes everyone’s blogs look so pretty when I come visit you!) and the fingerprint scanner (instead of passwords) and all kinds of things! I still won’t let Darren play with it that much lol but it’s nice to be able to sit beside him as he watches FRIENDS (we have all the seasons and he watches them over and over, although I loved them at the time I saw them, once was enough for me) and listen to music or watch videos. Which reminds me, I recently stumbled across this blog called Living Read Girl that I really like. Go check it out, you won't be sorry!


  1. Thanks for the linkage,LadyTink:) It's been nice hearing from you and I dig your other blogs,too.

  2. We bought ours last year, and it also has a fingerprint scanner. Although the feature is useful, I find it a little inconvenient and at times frustrating because it can be so sensitive. There were several times it denied my access just because I had just washed my hands!

  3. the labtop sounds very nice!
    off to check out the link :)


  4. I am glad you are enjoying your new laptop, Jen! I really like mine too. :-)

  5. Have fun with the laptop! Mine is new but without those fingerprint security feature. :)


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