Sunday, June 1, 2008

Something Yummy in the Mail

Today I received a package all the way from Austria (a country near the Czech Republic and Germany)! I won a contest a fellow blogger had and she sent me a note and also a package almost bursting with chocolate!

I love candy and I’m almost always up for a new experience so I was so excited. If you can’t read the note below it says: “Congrats! Hope you enjoy the chocolates! All the best from Austria, Amberkatze.” So far I’ve only tried the Mars Delight (and only recognize the orange Lindor truffles and the Toblerone, -neither of which I’ve ever had before) and I’m telling you I have a new favorite candy bar!

I think she might have unleashed a monster because now I’m really wondering what kind of candy they have in England, Ireland, Scotland, Australia, and hmmm....? Oh yeah, sorry I was daydreaming. Thanks again Amberkatze, you're the greatest!


  1. You've never had Toblerone? You poor dear! I was at the market this weekend & they had a GIANT one full of mini Toblerones. I was thisclose to buying it, but went towards a tiny container of amaretto fudge instead.

  2. Yummy indeed! I really like chocolate too, although I can only eat it in small doses or I get sick. Toblerones are so good!

  3. I am glad to hear the chocolates arrived safely! You seem to be enjoying them so maybe I will offer another chocolate prize in the future!

  4. I've had chocolate from England and it is radically different from American(Cadbury is to Britian what Hershey is to us)and some of it has clotted cream,which tastes better than it sounds,trust me:)

  5. I like chocs but I'm not too crazy about them.


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