Wednesday, October 1, 2008


I've re-arranged two of my bookshelves!

My small one:
(I've only read two of those paperbacks off that top shelf but I have read everything else)

My main one (I haven't read a little less than half of these....)
Close-up Photos!

I still have another case that I need to organize too....

More photos coming soon!
Next up: My current library stack


  1. LOL - I love looking at other bloggers' shelves. :)

  2. nice bookshelves, I have that white bookshelf too! your top pile of books looks like mine..the Stephen King books.
    cute disney stuff too.

  3. Very cool, Jen! I love seeing books of other booklovers. Thanks for sharing with us and I can't wait to see more! :D

  4. J. Kaye: Me too. I'm so proud of my "paranormal" shelf. It took me forever to get it arranged the way I wanted it (my Disney stuff used to be on this shelf and now half of it has made it into the top of my closet because I have no more room).

    Naida: I wish I had a matching one. I've had this one since I was about 9 years old. Those are just all the Stephen King books that wouldn't fit on the bottom. I have just about all of his books (just not the ones since Cell came out).

    Alice Teh: Thanks! I'll take a pic of my nightstand/bookshelf today sometime.

  5. Yes, bookshelf pictures are an addiction of mine. I am planning to do a before and after one soon.

  6. the fun part is when you find you want a book from the bottom of the pile hehehe..

    I think your shelves looks like all of ours (when cleaned that is).. if there's and inch to be found I will fit a book in it!

  7. Nice shelves,Lady Tink! I like your Disney stuff-I have a huge Disney Villains snow globe(The Wicked Queen from Snow White is the center of the ball)that I keep in a small display case since it's way too big for my bookshelves.

    A couple of years ago,I bought my mom a Tinker Bell snow globe(she's a Tink fan)that she keeps in her art room. I do have a few small Disney items on my bookshelves,like a Timon and Pumba figurine(a lucky find at a church rummage sale)and Disney character beanies of Ariel and Ursula. Fun to combine two great interests in one area,isn't it?:)

  8. Lenore: Bookshelves are the best thing about a person's home... well that and there movie collection (pics of mine are coming soon)

    Deslily: Oh I know! I've gotten good at pulling them out without having a huge mess to clean up afterwards though :) Lol

    Lady T: Thanks! I have a few Disney snowglobes (including an adorable Christmas Tink one) and other memorabelia but I just don't have the room to have them set up. Half are in the top of my closet along with quite a few Disney books too :(

  9. Your book shelves are awesome. I hope to post pics of mine soon. Organization is a wonderful thing though isn't it?....too bad I am not so gifted! :(

  10. whoa!! great collection :) I love the disney stuff :) and you have tigger!!! I LOVE him!! I have a bunch of tigger stuff all over the place hehe :)


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