Monday, October 13, 2008

A Halloween Meme

Halloween Meme:
1. Do you watch scary films? Which are your favorites?
2. What is your favorite scary book?
3. What scary book to film adaptation is your favorite?
4. What type of scary films do you think are better...the older ones like Psycho or the newer ones like Saw?
5. What is your fav Halloween treat?
6. What is your favorite Halloween costume? Do you still dress up for Halloween?

1. Anything based on a Stephen King novel (especially IT) and the first two Scream movies
2. I'll have to go with Naida's answer and say The Shining. Oh and The Stand and The Woman in Black by Susan Hill too.
3. The Haunting of Hill House, remake too (probably only because I haven't read the book lol)
4. I think they each have their "charm" but I'm leaning more toward older when they didn't have to rely on the music or the gross-out factor to scare their audience.
5. There is no particular Halloween treat I enjoy. As long as it doesn't have coconut in it, I'll love it!
6. I've always been a vampire or a witch but the last time I dressed up was four years ago when I worked at McDonald's and I borrowed one of my school's cheerleader uniforms for work (the coach was one of my favorite teachers and she let me use one- pom-poms too) (yes I really am that pale lol)

Play along!


  1. LOLOL! I love reading these. Mine was a gypsy or a witch.

  2. We don't celebrate Halloween in M'sia but it's always great fun to see others enjoy it. :)

  3. J. Kaye: I've never been a gypsy before.... lol

    Alice: I didn't know that :( Halloween and Christmas are my favorite times of the year.

  4. good answers tink! the first two Sream movies were great. (great movie reviews BTW)
    fun costume :)

  5. I love horror movies, and yep I love reading horror novels too!! ;P I recently watched The Mist in DVD and though I thought the overall movie is great, the ending just left me stumped.

  6. Naida: Thanks! I'm thinking about having a Scream marathon sometime this weekend now...

    Melody: I don't watch as many horror movies now as I used to because my imagination just runs away with me later (especially in my dreams). Now horror books on the other hand are the best! I liked Stephen King's original story but I haven't seen but bits and pieces of the movie.

  7. I still remember how much the first Scream movie disturbed me. There was just something so oppressive about the mood of it.

    And I keep hearing great things about The Woman in Black. You're all making me want to read it now!

    We don't celebrate Halloween here either, but it's great to see you all having fun :)

  8. Nymeth: I'd love to hear your take on The Woman in Black! I really liked it.

  9. I'm loving these memes, Jen. And your costume is classic.

  10. I am not a big horror movie fan. Most I end up finding too unbelievable and end up laughing through them rather than feeling any sense of fright. A scary movie to me is one that is more psychological thriller than anything else.

    I liked the first Scream movie--it was hilarious!


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