Friday, October 3, 2008

Thursday's Thoughts- Blogging


Why did got you begin on your blogging adventure? Tell the who, what, when, where and why! How many blogs do you maintain? How often do you write on your blog and how much time do you spending reading other blogs? Do you feel a compulsion to share your blogging experience with the people in your life? Have you made real connections via your blogging? And, last, but NEVER least… ARE YOU ADDICTED?

I've been blogging on various sites for a few years now but I started blogging on Blogger for two reasons. 1) I couldn't post photos on my Yahoo Movies reviews and 2) I wanted a sort of interactive experience where I could watch videos, listen to music, and visit links that have to do with the movies... and then I decided to add book reviews too. Now I had never done a book review before and had just started keeping up with what I read but I had been in a few online book groups for a couple of years by then so I at least knew how to talk about why I liked something. So my "reviews" (if you can call them that, I try to avoid it) are a little different from what you would normally find and they can be a pain to put together... but it's still fun for me or I wouldn't be doing it.

I have three blogs here on Blogger that I post frequently on. I started off with my Ladytink's Neverland Blog (originally titled Ladytink's Happy Place lol) with a post about Disney's Wuzzles and almost immediately started receiving comments. I had never had comments from strangers before on any of my previous blogs like on MySpace or Xanga. I went to school with or was related to all of those commenters but here was something completely new to me. So then, I started my main (and personal favorite blog) The Movieholic & Bibliophile's Blog (originally entitled The Movieholic, Bibliophile, & Music Junkie's Blog). My first two posts there were about Hill House (the original and the 1999 one) and my first book post was for Yours Until Dawn by Teresa Medeiros. My third blog is this one and it's my personal blog that I post everything that isn’t a book or movie review like meme’s, challenges, what I’m doing one weekend, photos of my bookshelves, etc.

The first month I decided to start blogging, I only posted a couple of times but then the next month, on both blogs I did more posts than I have ever done in a month before or since! Every once in awhile I’ll slack off but now I write on my Movieholic blog every two days (trying to get caught up on my reviews since I’m literally, months behind) and I try to make sure I get a post up on Neverland once a week (or weekend) although I seem to do more there during the holiday season… (which is when I get the most invites to other blogs that I have to regretfully turn down because I know I can’t keep up with four or more blogs).

Having recently discovered that they key to getting more readers on my blogs is to comment on other people’s, I opened up a Google Reader account and added to my list of blogs I visit. I only visit ones I find interesting though! Since I opened up a GR, I have managed to accumulate…. Wow! Nearly 130 blogs! Not all of them are reader blogs though. Some are for animation, some are about movies, some are only holiday blogs or music blogs, and some are just funny picture etc. blogs, but I have noticed a dramatic increase in my readers!

Am I addicted to blogging? Hmm… that’s a difficult question. I love to blog about what I read and watch, I love to share these things with other people, and I love being able to go back and instead of having to search my mind about what a book was about I can just visit my blog and not only remember what it’s about via the pictures I post but also what I thought about it. So am I addicted to blogging? Kind of… Am I addicted to comments? You betcha!

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  1. I think it's great that you have so many blogs. I'm not sure if I dare trying it because even just one is enough of a time-sucker for me, but sometimes there are things I want to post about but end up leaving out because they'd be out of place in my book blog.

  2. I was the same way which is why this blog was created. They really are a pain to keep up with when I'm not in the mood but they're great to have!

  3. You do such a good job with all of your blogs! I sometimes struggle with content for my one blog and so I don't think I should venture beyond my one. :-)

    I hope you are enjoying your weekend! I am sorry I haven't been around more lately.

  4. Check out my blog! I nominated you for something!

  5. I agree about the comments. I wish all my visitors left a comment here or there, I'd like to know if they enjoyed what they read. I just posted my first Thursday's Thoughts.

  6. you've got some great blogs :)
    I agree, its fun to go back and see past book reviews, plus links and photos to go with it.
    I have 3 blogs too, and it is time consuming, but always fun.

  7. yep.. it's addicting alright!! lol.. for me, i got addicted when I got involved in book reviews! (not that I "review" very well, I'm too afraid I'll give something away or that someone will pay money for a book i liked and then not like it!)..yeah I'm paranoid too LOL

  8. Hey Jen!
    I dont know if you saw, but you won Breaking Dawn! Congrats! It's from this blog here:

  9. WOW! I thought you'd been blogging longer than that. :) Again, wow, I'm impressed! You go!!

  10. Nice post, Jen. I need to start commenting more on blogs I really enjoy. It's nice to see it on mine and I know others would like it.

    I've debated about putting up posts more than once a week. I may start doing it here and there. I really enjoy coming up with stuff to write about. I almost started another blog, but I kept mine broad enough that I don't need to.

    Well, actually, I started a wine blog for myself, just to keep track of what I drank, but it's more a personal log than a blog. I don't really review the wines.


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