Friday, August 27, 2010

Cover Contemplation Time!

The Bachelor by Carly Phillips
Kisses! A rather generic cover for Carly Phillips’ US release of her book The Bachelor but I still think it’s rather cute. The Large Print cover is virtually the same but the font for the title is changed which is a real shame though I have to admit this one is slightly easier to read which is the point of the large print books.
The German title translates into The Last Kiss for some reason which I found extremely odd since the idea of the story is for Roman to settle down with someone. This sounds more like something you would find as a vampire story or something. The cover isn’t all that great either though the girl does kind of resemble Charlotte’s description. From what I can tell just browsing a lot of Ms. Phillips’ German covers look a lot like this one.
It took me a second to understand that it is the groom’s hands behind the back of the bride in handcuffs on the Spanish cover (which translates to Single... Without Commitment?) but once I did I thought it perfectly conveys what this book is about. None of the Chandler boys want to get married but their mother emotionally blackmails them into finding a wife. Unfortunatly, these seem to be the only languages this particular book has been translated into though a few of this author's other books have other foreign releases.


  1. I always end up preferring the German covers. I wonder what that says about me?

  2. I truly love how you do these. I don't have time myself to do them- I was wondering would you take cover suggestions to look up?

  3. Juju: Lol. I don't know. I like some of Germany's covers and I like how diverse they are though.

    Summer Ross: Thank you! Um, maybe. It does take a little while but I'll take reading suggestions and once I review them I'll look the covers up!

  4. I'm not sure I like that last cover too much, it is confusing at first glance.

  5. That handcuffed cover comes across to me as the bride and groom being kinky(!?!)...


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