Friday, August 20, 2010

Cover Contemplation

Soulless by Gail Carriger
To my knowledge there is only one cover for Soulless but what a cover! Not many debut authors get such cool ones right off the bat but Gail Carriger really lucked out. She’s another author who had some input on what her cover looked like. Orbit asked her for some pictures that looked kind of what she had in mind and she provided a picture of the cover model Donna Ricci (who the author is friends with on Facebook now) that she had found online among others. While I do love the model I don’t think she looks quite like Alexia to me but she’s really close and she’s still lovely.

It was actually the cover that first made me want this book but the story sounded incredibly unique and interesting too. As you can probably tell from my review, I adored it. The steampunk part of the book is represented well on the cover even though it’s slightly understated. However, how cool is that parasol? I want one! So far all of the covers in this series are awesome and I hope they continue to be too.

The Story of the Cover


  1. I think that cover is fantastic too! It just draws me in!

  2. I like this cover,too,altho I have yet to read the book-the subtle style is rather alluring there.

  3. She really lucked out with this cover :)

  4. i have been seeing this around a lot lately, and may i say your header is adorable!! :)

  5. It does really stand out in the current crop of covers.

  6. Blueicegal: Thank you so much!

    Jake Kirk: I love it!

    Carolsnotebook: For whatever reason, whenever an author has a say in the inspiration it usually does...


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