Sunday, August 29, 2010

Cover Contemplation- Triple Cross

Triple Cross by Mark T. Sullivan
The US hardcover for Triple Cross isn’t very exciting nor does it give a hint about what the story is about except that it takes place somewhere cold (a Montana ski lodge matter of fact). The other US hardcover for Large Print I believe has a helicopter on it and its is even worse in my opinion even if there are significant scenes with those machines in them. Now if they had taken the helicopter, made it smaller and put it on the original cover I would have liked it better. However the helicopter and those triple X’s on the cover remind me of that Vin Diesel movie more than this book.
The mass market paperback that I think is supposed to be a Canadian or UK release (though it is available on the US Amazon too) is when the helicopter gets shot down. However, I’m not sure who the man in the suit is supposed to be since Mickey Hennessy is in club uniform and the bad guys in suits aren’t outside. It certainly evokes what this book is about better than the other two even if it’s not a scene from the book though. The German cover which was retitled as Limit is very simple and doesn’t really say anything about the book but I still find it appealing. I honestly don’t know if this was published in any other language except English and German but if you do, please let me know!


  1. I like the german one the best...your right it is simple- but it has its own- Je ne sais quoi...(means an I don't know what...type thing)

  2. I like the German cover too. The others...not so much.

  3. I actually like the white cover with the single x on it. I just find it striking.

  4. Haha! I was thinking the same thing about the second cover--reminds me of a Vin Disel movie. I'd have to cast my vote alongside Carol as I find the first cover the most appealing. It's simple but not too bold, which I'm afraid that German cover has going against it.


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