Sunday, February 13, 2011

I'm Bursting With Questions!

Ours was better than this but we demolished it. It had mushrooms and fresh baby spinach leaves added to it. I put chicken in mine (Paige is a vegetarian). We had cheesecake for dessert (and I had some for breakfast!) which was beyond delicious!

Good morning everybody! Italian Night with the girls turned out pretty great even though we got started a bit late and was only able to finish one movie (Under the Tuscan Sun). I completely forgot to take pictures but we did have fun! Kat brought over Fia's litter mate Lucy and they had played all night, poor Fia is tuckered out this morning. I will say one thing: I have never cleaned up so much puppy pee in my life! They were too busy playing to go potty whenever we took them outside. Hey, we're talking about doing a Mexican food night next weekend. Anyone got any fantastic movie (or book) ideas?

This gorgeous work of art... is a cake! By Cake Doctor
In other news, I've been thinking of doing something on the blog for awhile now and I'd like to run it past you guys first. A few months ago I won a book of my choice from Bookish Delights and I picked 1001 Children's Books You Must Read Before You Grow Up by Julia Eccleshare and Quentin Blake (yes, the illustrator of Roald Dahl). It's an awesome list book that has some great YA recommendations however, the first couple sections are for children's books and I've been thinking about checking everything out in order. Some of these children's books are classics that I remember as a kid and some I remember hearing about that I've never read, even a few that are unknown to me. What would you guys think about me doing a review for these children books, say maybe once a week or whenever the whim strikes me?  I have no children, no plans for any in my future, and I hardly ever see any kids so I couldn't give you their opinion- I would be reading these. I mean, you know how I do my reviews by now. It would have tons of trivia, links, and even a review of the movie too if there is an adaptation. Would that be something anyone is interested in?


  1. 1) I need that cake. Wow, it's gorgeous!

    2) I would LOVE too see reviews of the children books! Count me in on that one!

  2. Your Italian night sounds like loads of fun! I can't think of any movies set in Mexico.

    I think it would be great if you reviewed the children's book. Booking Mama hosts a feature called Kid Konnection that you could link up to.

  3. My movie suggestions for your Mexican food night are The Mexican (Brad Pitt & Julia Roberts)and Desperado (Antonio Banderas & Salma Hayek.

  4. Hey guess what...Internet explorer may not let me see your blog but Mozilla Firefox does. I have found the answer!!! Yay! And I would love to hear your thoughts on children's books..I'm always looking for recommendations for my kids especially my oldest.

  5. -Italian night? How fun! I'm envious.

    -For Mexican I suggest Like Water for Chocolate :)

    -I'm not really a fan of children's books :) but I would love to see what you come up with.

  6. You should do a French night for Chocolat. That was in France right?

  7. I'd love to hear about those books :)

  8. That is the coolest cake ever. Stopping by from
    Grandma Sez So
    Thanks for following!

  9. That cake is excellent! Hey,if you want to add on some children's book reviews,go for it. There are always a few that are great discoveries as well as rereads. For example,I'm planning on reading Anne of Green Gables this year(thanks to The Heroine's Bookshelf)which I never encountered as a kid.

  10. Cat: I love that cake. I'm going to start working on my first review soon!

    Bermudaonion: It was! Oh, thanks! I may have to link up to that.

    Jen D.: Unfortunately my library system doesn't have Desperado but I put in an order for The Mexican. Hopefully I can get it in time! I'll see if the other girls can get the other one. Great suggestions!

    Samantha: Google Chrome has been crashing a lot lately so I've been thinking of switching too. Glad you like the idea!

    Juju: It was great! I've been wanting to read that but I haven't gotten around to it. Yeah, Chocolat was set in France. We've been talking about setting something up for it too.

    Nymeth: Oh I'm glad!

    Laurie Harrison: Isn't it? I've had it in a folder on my desktop for awhile now. SO in love.

    Lady T: Oh you are in a for a treat. I loved Anne as a kid.

  11. No need to have or want children to read and review children's books. I say go for it! It'll help those of us with kids or buying books for kids or wanting to read things we didn't read as kids. (what a mouthful!)

  12. Hope you and the ladies like it. Let me know what you thought of it. =)

  13. sounds like fun!! and what a gorgeous cake.
    I always enjoy all your reviews, so I'm sure you'll come up with something great :)


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