Monday, February 21, 2011

Musing Monday- Family Day

This week’s Musing Mondays post asks…

In honor of the Canadian “Family Day” holiday, today, I’m curious… What was the last book (or, what was your favorite book) that dealt with family? What did you like / dislike about it?

I've never heard of Family Day but it sounds like a good practice! The last book I read that dealt with family was Pat Frank's Alas, Babylon. I loved this book the first time I read it and I still loved it when I finished it last night. It's a dystopian post-apocolypse type of book but what makes it eligible for this post is that the main character Randy pulls together not only his brother's wife and kids but also the town doctor and all his nearby neighbors to make a family that works together in this new dangerous life without modern conviences. I loved how with them all teaming up, and eventually working with the town itself, they brought order to the chaos.


  1. hey, I was going to use that YouTube video, since it is the name of my post today!lol

  2. I love that you chose a non-traditional family! (You aren't old enough to remember that song, but I danced to it many times!)

  3. Caite: Well... there are several covers of it including The Spice Girls and Alivin and the Chipmunks.

    Bermudaonion: Thanks! Not old enough but I actually prefer older music. Much, much older than that though I too danced to it while cleaning the house as a kid.

  4. Alas, Babylon sounds like a good one. Catchy song!

  5. Family Day is new and my province didn't adopt it. We are slow and backwards, I swear!

  6. I love this! :) And I love this song.

    I'm reallly into family. My husband, mother, and sister are my BFFs :)

  7. Naida: It is!

    Kailana: I had never even heard of it even though supposedly two states in America do celebrate it.

    Juju: My mom is mine!

  8. This books sounds like one that I would definitely enjoy reading. Thanks for sharing about it!!


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