Wednesday, December 26, 2007

8 Random Facts about Me Meme

Darla D got me back by tagging me with this meme which is much harder if I may say so lol! Well here goes nothing!

1. When a book or a movie thoroughly captures my attention I’ll start talking out loud about it myself or when I’m trying to figure out “whodunit” in a mystery I’ll reason my way through it out loud. Drives people nuts and 9 times out of 10 I don’t realize I’m doing it.

2. When I was a little kid (and sometimes now), I’d talk about characters in books like they were real to other people. My mom would always have to make sure I was talking about real friends and not fictional ones.

3. As you may have noticed on my blogs I got through certain phases where I don’t feel like reading and would rather watch bunches of movies (kind of what’s happening now) other times I want to do nothing but read and won’t even want to go see a movie at the theater with hubby.

4. I collect my DVDs and books. Once I buy something I rarely ever will get rid of it again, for some reason I can’t bring myself to part with it!

5. I have an entire shelf devoted to old Disney books and other special edition Disney books. Or for that matter anything that has to do with animated movies or their creators (How to be Like Walt is a great one).

6. (Totally non-book or movie related but) I love to bake and find it very soothing but I can’t cook to save my soul. It’s a good thing my husband is such a finicky eater and wouldn’t eat anything I cooked anyways!

7. I just turned 21 and I still don’t know how to drive. Cars scare the daylights out of me!!!

8. I have never, ever been beat at the Disney Scene-It games.

Just about everyone has now been tagged for this so if you haven't yet, then please by all means consider yourself tagged!


  1. Thanks for sharing with us, Jen! I felt I have known a lot more about you through reading your post here. ;)

  2. I enjoyed reading your 8 facts very much. :-) I sometimes talk to books and movies, but usually it's to ask the characters what they are doing or to try and point them in the right direction. More often though, I talk out my thoughts on books after I finish them. I always wonder what people in the cars around me think of the strange woman talking to herself. I'm so glad cell phones exist now--maybe they think I'm talking on a handless phone! My animals are probably used to my ramblings by now. :-)

  3. Nice Memes; and love the pooch with the antlers! Hope you have a really great New Year. I loved all the original Disney animations and graphics as well.

  4. LadyTink - I enjoyed reading your meme! Thanks for doing it. We got our kids the Disney Scene It - version 2 - for Christmas, and we had a great time playing it yesterday with cousins, nieces, nephews, etc. Next time we play I want you for my partner!


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