Monday, December 24, 2007

ToT-10 Best Presents Ever Given to You

I really don't keep track of this kind of stuff but here are a few of my favorite gifts that I can remember getting:
  1. My parents bought me this huge present and told me that was all I was getting for Christmas. Well Christmas morning came and it was full to the top with individually wrapped gifts.
  2. My mom sent me to stay with my grandmother until Christmas Eve and when I came home she had painted my room and gotten me all new furniture
  3. A My Pretty Ballerina Doll which I still have.
  4. My favorite ring (after my wedding ring of course) my mom got me three years ago
  5. A few stuffed animals that I still have
  6. A bunch of Disney snowglobes
  7. Some nice clothes that my Mother in Law got me
  8. One year my friend wrapped up this huge box that had a bunch of other boxes inside of it with things like tissue paper and rocks surrounding it until I finally got to the last one which held a beautiful necklace that I still have.
  9. My Mp3 player
  10. Bunches of great books of course!

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  1. Such great presents! I love how your mom went through all the effort to paint your room and put in new furniture. Do you think I could get my husband to do that with the entire house? Would I dare trust him to such a task? Haha Seriously, that's a huge undertaking by your mom.

    Thank you for sharing, Jen. Merry Christmas!

  2. Thanks for sharing with us, Jen. They are wonderful gifts.
    MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and your family! :)

  3. wow! you have some great memories there!

  4. I love opening big boxes and digging through them to find a gift all the way at the bottom!


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