Tuesday, December 11, 2007

ToT-10 Things You Want for Christmas

This is my first time participating in Ten on Tuesday. Below are 10 things I would like to have for Christmas:
  1. Gift Cards: Target & Borders
  2. New Scanner/Printer
  3. Disney Treasures DVD: The Chronicles of Donald Vol. 1-3
  4. A Pretty Disney Snowglobe (Alice in Wonderland or Peter Pan)
  5. Disney's So Dear to My Heart DVD
  6. The Animated Movie Guide by Jerry Beck
  7. CSI: Miami Season 3-5
  8. A Pretty, White-Gold Necklace
  9. Pedicure & Facial
  10. Cold Case DVD Seasons

There you have it! I won't get half of these things this Christmas but there's always next year!

Vintage Fruity Pebbles Commercial:

Alvin and the Chipmunks Christmas Song:

You can check out the other players, or play along yourself here.


  1. You're right, there are many more years to come.

    I just mentioned the things I dream about.
    We've had Sinterklaas already, that's our gift-event.

    My list is at:
    laane on the World

  2. Great list, Jen! I wanted to play this week but just can't think of 10 items, hehe... any my top list will be bookshelves, laptop, iPod respectively, and of course books!!! LOL.

  3. A very fine list! A friend of mine is planning on getting her daughter everything on her Christmas list and my jaw dropped when I heard all the things she's asking for. I remember I was lucky to get one thing off of my Christmas list.

    I remember Fruity Pebbles! I loved those Pebble cereals when I was growing up.

  4. I never actually made a Christmas list when I was a kid or now comet to think of it. My mom just usually knows what I want lol.


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