Friday, December 21, 2007

Photo Hunters-Light

Today's theme is Light

I couldn't think of anything light (and I'm visting family in Georgia without my camera) so I went through some old photo's on my Flickr account and found this one. My husband took this picture the first time I ever visited Mississippi (this is on the Biloxi beach). Don't you love how it looks like it goes on forever? The light, fluffy clouds are so pretty.

There are tons more people participating. Go check them out!


  1. that's a great shot! the clouds do look featherly light!

    happy weekend! :)

  2. wow! stunning photo,indeed you have a great picture... keep it up!!!

    here is mine:
    Happy Holidays c",)

  3. Stunning! Love it:)
    Here's mine for this week!
    Yen's Photo Hunt
    Happy Holidays!

  4. I love the fact there is not one person in that photo - it's simply beautiful. Merry Christmas from Tennessee!

  5. That's a beautiful shot! :) I never knew Mississippi was so beautiful. I've only been to Olive Branch up by the Tennessee border and it was in the winter.

    My light pictures are up now too! :)

  6. This is beautiful! Thanks for sharing, Jen. :)

  7. Lovely photo; that would make the basis for a rather nice oil painting.

    btw - really like the Christmas tree and have borrowed it for my blog - I've been looking for one that actually works all December!

    Happy Christmas, Thanks, J


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