Tuesday, December 18, 2007

ToT-10 New Year’s Resolutions

I'm doing good so far! I've gotten two things off my list from last Tuesday's ToT. This week is New Year's Resolutions, something I've actually never done or at least followed through with :o) so hopefully maybe I'll be able to do it this time.
  1. Finally get caught up with my blog posts!
  2. Spend more time outside
  3. Become more organized
  4. Start taking more pictures again
  5. Start Christmas Shopping early (as in July or earlier)!
  6. Scan all my photos and my moms too
  7. Get out more and do stuff!
  8. Sleep like a normal person (no more all night reading sessions)
  9. Read more of my books instead of the libraries (I have 80 something books in my TBR pile and just recieved two more Borders gift cards)
  10. Bake more often


  1. I don't do them either, so good luck not doing yours! I need to work on the sleeping and baking myself...

  2. #3 seems to be a theme among the people posting their 10 later on Tuesday. Wonder if there's a correlation? Seriously, "getting organized" is one of those insidiously deceptive goals... sort of like "be nicer." It sounds easy, but really it could be broken down into a hundred specific goals that each is a challenge unto itself.

    Happy Tuesday and happy 2008!

  3. I don't do them either, Jen. It's always great to set resolutions for the new year, but I'm a slacker when it comes to fulfilling them, LOL! I need to be more oganized too, and hoping to finish my TBR pile as many as possible! ;)

  4. I keep putting off the name change thing because it is such a pain in the ass! Good luck with yours!

  5. Now... I'm not so sure about the no more all night reading sessions... LOL.

    I think I'll play for this round's ToT. I've not played for a long, long time.

  6. I set goals each year, but I avoid calling them resolutions. Haha


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