Friday, February 20, 2009

Lots of Reviews

I'm a little tired of being so far behind on my reviews so I'm going to be posting a lot for awhile (probably one a day). I really hope you guys don't mind and that you enjoy them!


  1. I was hoping to see a review of The Graveyard Book. I saw you mention it the other day. My bookclub is thinking about reading it but one of the girls said it's illustrated and is like a little kid's book and now doesnt seem to want to read it. What did you think of it? I love your new backround! Gorgeous! And a review a day?! That's AWESOME!! :)

  2. Of course we wouldn't mind, Jen. Bring them on! ;)

  3. I know the feeling of being behind! I shall take time, however, to enjoy your reviews as I really like your blog! Come visit me when you get a chance as I am trying each day to improve!

  4. I love reading your reviews so the more the merrier :) I'm behind as well and it is driving me nuts!

  5. Rachael: Well, I do have a good majority of the review written, I'm just a couple of months behind in reviews. I actually just reached October's reads! You really should read it as the only illustrations are at the beginning of the chapters and it was truly a wonderful story. I cried at the end. I'm going to seriously try to get a review a day done and I really think that scheduled thing will help a lot...

    Melody: Glad to hear it!

    Bingo: Oh I've been behind all throughout last year and I'm just tired of it. I've enjoyed visiting you too.

    Samantha: I don't know if my new system would work for you (I don't even know how long it will work for me!) but what I'm doing is writing a review soon after I finish whatever it is that I'm reading/ watching and when I do that, I write an old review. Then I post it. It's working for me so far but I do have a few posts coming up with more than one book...

  6. HI Jen!
    Thanks for the info about The Graveyard Book. I figured it probably wasnt all illustrated but that's how she made it seem. I'm going to read it with or without the book club because it does sound fabulous.

    I am drastically behind on reviews too. I just take on way too many and can't keep up sometimes. I love your blog and can't wait to see your new reviews. :)

  7. Wouldn't mind at all. I'm looking forward to them!


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