Sunday, February 22, 2009

Musing Monday- Library

Today’s MUSING MONDAYS post is about the library……

How often do you visit the library? Do you have a scheduled library day/time, or do you go whenever? Do you go alone, or take people with you?

I love the library. Ever since I was a kid my mom could drop me off and go grocery shopping and when she came back I'd have at least one bag of books to take home. For awhile I did stop going but once I moved to Mississippi... well lets just say that the library staff here know me by name!

According to them I'm actually one of their top people who place holds (although I'm not exactly sure if that was meant to be a good thing) and I or my husband go to pick them up once a week (sometimes twice but once most of the time). I really, really love the selection of books, audiobooks, and movies plus how willing they are to inter-loan books for me!

Not my library but cute:


  1. Cute video....but that is a terrible way to treat a poor library

  2. It's wonderful that you have a great library. :)

  3. isn't it a mixed feeling when your librarians know you that well, i also don't always know how to take it.
    Mine is up here

  4. I'll be going to my library more than ever these days. But I don't mind. Our libary is really nice and they have a great selection.

    Musing Mondays.

  5. I think it is a good thing for them to know us! ;) We are keeping them in a job. I used to really love my library but not so much anymore. They remodeled and brought in some different staff who are not as nice and friendly as the originals. Glad your is so user friendly for you!

  6. If I don't feel pressurized for returning those books, I'd have visit the libraries more often! I'm not much of a fast reader as compared to you ladies so this is the main reason why I rarely visit the libraries nowadays.

  7. I used to practically live in the library when I was a child. The librarians all knew me by name and even let me help out behind the big desk. Now, I'm a horrible library patron!

  8. I like the fact that the librarians know my name. And my childrens, and they think its fantastic! They feel special!

  9. I love the library. I mainly get my DVDs and audio books from them.

  10. I don't go to the library anymore. Here's my link.

    Monday Musing

  11. Hi!
    How inventive! It didn't really hurt the card and she got a beautiful piece of art! Have a great day!!


  12. At my library it has been rare to actually get the books I want! I am glad you can what you are looking for.

  13. I think its great you have a wonderful library. It makes all the difference.

  14. it is great that you have such a nice library. the library up the street from us knows us by name too :O)

  15. I love the library as well and usually end up going once a week. The librarians know my kids and if I don't bring them they have to know where they are :)

  16. Caite: Lol. I thought so too. The other one was a kid who used his to clip on the front of his bike to make noise. I thought this one was a bit better!

    Alice Teh: I think that every time I come home with another load lol. I'm never a patron long at a library I don't like that doesn't have a friendly staff.

    Erika Lynn: Yep lol. I always feel bad because I'm terrible at names and as long as I've been going there it wouldn't be very polite if I asked them their names!

    Lisa: That's always a very good thing :)

    Kim: Oh I honestly wouldn't go if the staff weren't friendly and had good personalities! I've done it before when we lived in the next town over. All the library systems are connected and I didn't like the staff at that one so I just had my books delivered into the town where we live now again.

    Melody: We get to keep our books for two weeks at a time and I can renew online but yeah I do feel pressured to return on time. Especially since I really should be reading these 200 or more books that I own first!

    Rebecca: Thanks! It was one of the best I could find :)

    Mae: I used to volunteer in my middle school library. Librarians have always loved me, even the high school librarian and I rarely ever stepped foot in there (the selection was awful)!

    Jo: Oh I know! I loved that when I was a kid too :)

    Beth F: I know we'll move back to Georgia one day and I'll hate to leave it behind lol.

    Yvonne: Me too! Well, it's the only place I get my audiobooks but I get tons of DVDs and VHS' that the local video store doesn't stock. Love that its free too :)

    Mary: Thank you.

    Bluestocking: I've been there before but I'm so glad I have a great one to visit now.

    Sherrie: I wish that library had more commercials like this one. The other was one of a kid who used his to clip to his bike to make noise lol.

    The Social Frog: Thank you! My mom's library sounds like yours too :(

    Robin of My Two Blessings: It really does! I doubt I would have such varied book reviews if I didn't have a good library.

    Naida: Thanks, you too!

    Samantha: I bet they enjoy that :)

    Thanks for stopping by everyone!


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