Tuesday, January 1, 2008

ToT-10 Predictions for the New Year

Happy 2008 Everybody!!!

Today is Ten on Tuesday. These are my 10 Predictions for the New Year:

  1. I'll have a fabulous reading year and actively particpate in my online book groups (something I didn't do near the end of 2007 very much).
  2. I will get all of my mom's photos scanned!
  3. Some Hollywood celebrity is going to do something stupid and "shocking"
  4. We'll finish paying off a few bills
  5. I'll get addicted to another show because hubby got three different first seasons for three different shows.
  6. I will love every fantasy movie based on a book that is coming out this year (especially Prince Caspian!)
  7. My cat will become even more spoiled
  8. My husband will break down and buy that stupid GPS thing he wants.
  9. I'll meet new bloggers that enjoy books and movies like I do!
  10. I'll get caught up on my blog posts and stay caught up!


  1. Happy New Year, Jen!
    #1 definitely sounds good! ;P

  2. Sounds like a great list--well the positive stuff anyway. :-) I do hope you have a fantabulous reading year this year, Jen. I also hope to be a little more active in my groups, but we'll see. I do need to read. Haha

  3. Happy New Year, Jen! May you achieve all your goals for 2008! :D


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