Thursday, January 31, 2008


This week’s question is suggested by (blogless) JMutford:

Sometimes I find eccentric characters quirky and fun, other times I find them too unbelievable and annoying. What are some of the more outrageous characters you’ve read, and how do you feel about them?

The first quirky character that comes to mind is Stephanie Plum who is hilarious and very real but sometimes she can border on annoying but Janet Evanovich always pulls her back from being unbelievable. There are other characters like this too: Anita Blake, Sookie Stackhouse, and Betsy Taylor the Vampire Queen are just a few of very good characters that I adore who also at times can get on my last nerve! I tend not to dislike quirky characters very much but that’s also a deal breaker for me, if the character annoys me too much then I’ll stop reading.


  1. It's a deal breaker for me, too, and I don't mind abandoning a book if the characters are too annoying.

  2. I went w/Evanovich too...don't know anyone quickier than her charactors!

  3. Oh you and me both, if a books character is aggravating as all get out, why continue?

    Thanks for the visit.

  4. I can see Evanovich's name was mentioned several times on other blogs too.

    I wish I could come up with a perfect answer, but my mind is currently blank. LOL.

  5. I like quirky characters. I don't think any have annoyed me so much I stopped reading though.

  6. A few quirky characters are truly lovable. As in Catch-22!


  7. I adore Sookie! I stuck to books I read last year and I didn't get the chance to visit her at all. I'm going to remedy that this year.


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