Thursday, April 23, 2009

Friday Firsts- Nearest to You

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Reach out and pick up the nearest book to you right now (don't go the bookshelf and pull off War and peace). What's the first line...

A story is alive, as you or I are.

The Storyteller’s Daughter: A Retelling of “The Arabian Nights” by Cameron Dokey


  1. That reminds me a bit of Inkheart. Love the title of the book.

  2. Sounds like a good book. Thanks for giving me something to post today, too.

  3. I really need to read this series!

  4. Scrap Girl: It vaguely reminded me of Inkeart a couple of times while reading it too. Of course since I recently finished reading it, many things probably will for awhile...

    CarolsNotebook: :) I've been meaning to play for weeks now but keep forgetting

    Kailana: Oh! It's incredibly good (well at least this one is). I've already ordered the next one from the library.

  5. Thanks for playing, this is agreat first line...I am a sucker for reading books about reading/telling stories! the cover would be a good one for Cover Attraction

  6. Wendy: I had fun! Looking forward to next Friday's!

    Naida: All the ones in this series have interesting covers :)

  7. That's a wonderful opening line - and what a beautiful cover!


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