Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Blogger Appreciation

I read a lot and I mean a lot of blogs every day. Book blogs, movie blogs, funny blogs, funny picture blogs, etc. etc. I have plenty of favorites and honor of Book Blogger Appreciation Week, everyone is writing about theirs so I thought I would share who are the first people I visit when I open my Google Reader every day:

Bookworm (Naida): She almost always leaves incredible comments on my blogs and her blog posts are great! She has made me want to read many books that I normally wouldn’t bother with. Thanks Naida!!!

J. Kaye: Another one of my favorite commenters (okay, everyone is my favorite commenter lol)! But seriously, not only does she write tons of great reviews and have incredibly wonderful giveaways, I have her to thank for introducing me to some really great books too.

Musings of a Bookish Kitty: She was one of the first blogs I discovered (or did she discover me? Hmm, not sure) and she made me feel at home here in the blogosphere. Plus, she also has great taste in books!

Deslily: Although we don’t always share the same taste in TV shows or in books, we both love those old black and white movies. She always has the best recommendations for me too!

Now there are tons more that I really love plus some new ones that I’ve just recently found and am enjoying, but these are the four I’ve been reading the longest.


  1. I saw Wendy's link and I agree with you she's a great blogger. Love her reviews and views on books. Her passion for books is contagious. :)

  2. wow, and thanks for adding me to you appreciation list!!

    yep, there's something special about those old movies. And amazing how good they are when you consider how little they had to work with and how many movies they put out each year! But best of all were the great actors!

  3. Thanks for sharing, Jen!
    I agree Naida, J Kaye and Wendy are great bloggers! I'll have to check out Deslily's blog now... :)

  4. Just know, you are my fave too! :)

  5. thanks for listing me tink :)
    your blog is definitely one of my favs too.

    I like the other blogs mentioned here as well.


  6. Oh, Jen! Thank you so much! You are definitely one of my favorite stops as well. Your reviews are always so fun to read and you are one of the best people out there.

    Alice - Thanks too for your kind words! I'm blushing from all this love! :-)

  7. You're welcome everybody, you deserve it. Love your blogs Alice and Melody too!


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