Thursday, September 25, 2008

Thursday's Thoughts- Dreaming


Tell us whether not reading has affected your dreams. Do you see the characters of the stories in your dreams? Or, is it rather a part of the story-line that integrates itself into your dreams? Do you remember your dreams? Do you dream vividly, or not that you can remember at all? What do your dreams represent to you?

I prefer to read at night because it's quieter... which leads me to staying up all night (and half the next morning) trying to finish the book if it's too good to let go of. When I do dream of a book I'm reading, it's usually just bits and pieces mixed into another dream. Or if I can't finish a book before I need to go to sleep, sometimes I dream up an ending or at least a scene- unfortunately, 9 times out of 10 I can't really remember these once I wake up completely.

Most of the time my dreams are incredibly vivid and I can sometimes change them at will too. I remember dreaming about Kistin after I finished the fifth book in Kim Harrison's series so essentially I'm dreaming myself into these worlds lol.


  1. Oh yes, that's when I read! Love late night reading. When it gets colder, I love going to bed very early so that I can read.

  2. I'm on board with J. Kaye... go to bed earlier! Nice, toasty blankies!

  3. I love reading at night too and I do wind up dreaming about what i'm reading as well sometimes.

  4. I don't remember dreaming after the books I read... but I like reading late at night (only in weekends though, hehe).

  5. Sometimes my books will invade my dreams too. And like you, my dreams are often quite vivid. I've only been able to change the outcome of a couple so far--I'm still amazed I managed that. :-)


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