Monday, September 8, 2008

Musing Mondays: Book Shopping

Do YOU like the changes that have come to bookselling in the last several decades? Do you shop online? Do you prefer big chain stores, or do you prefer small, independent shops? Why?

For the most part I like the changes. Books are so much easier to get now but I hate that so many little bookstores are going out of business because of stores like Independent shops are not only cozier but the people are usually friendlier too.

8 times out of 10, if I buy a book I'm going to get it either from Walmart or a bookstore (usually Waldenbooks) or if it's an older book, probably Ebay. I do order online occasionally (but very seldom) though.


  1. Unfortunately there aren't any independent booksellers near me. I like B&N cuz they have everything.

  2. A LOT of independent bookstores are going out of business, it's sad!

  3. I like shopping for books online, btu I also love going to the bookstore. I always find something.
    I do get some at walmart or target too...theirs tend to be cheaper.

  4. I'm very flexible when it comes to book shopping. I've been shopping online for the last 8 years and totally love it. I also love browsing at the bookstores. :)

  5. Yep, I definitely agree with you that the staff in most smaller, indpendent stores are friendlier because most of them are booksellers.

    Nothing beats browsing/shopping at bookstores, but then again I do shop online just for the convenience and/or when the books I want are not available.

  6. We never had the independents, but we did have places like Books-A-Million and Waldens. When I saw those closing, it really broke my heart. Now all we have is one tiny Barnes and Noble. :(


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