Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I've Been a Bad, Bad Girl....

Last week I went to this wonderful store they have down here called Hudson’s (they sell merchandise from stores that ordered too much, went out of business, etc.) and picked up five hardback books in mint condition…. For $0.10 (that's 10 cents) a piece! They don’t have sales like that too often but everything is always marked way down from the original price. Here is what I bought:
I’ve only read The Looking Glass Wars (and it’s sequel Seeing Redd) but I hadn’t even head of most of these other authors. Still, they looked good! Then today I went over to one of the libraries in our system (not one I go to that often) and picked up these:


  1. That's one GREAT bargain we won't wanna miss!! Happy reading with your new books. :)

  2. You're a bad, bad girl who bagged a great, great deal! I'm very envious, Jen. Imagine $0.10 for hardbacks...

  3. now that's a sale I'd love to be at!!!

  4. I thought it was the best bargain I've ever seen and that's including yard sales (especially since all these came directly from a bookstore). I did a girly squeal at the check out line (it was marked 20 cents but it was 10 when we got to the counter, I probably would have bought more if I had known that!)

  5. I wanna be bad too! The ban on spending is keeping me good. :( It's no fun.


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