Saturday, September 27, 2008

Maw Books Blog

Oh, I simply forgot to tell you guys! Have you ever been to Maw Books Blog? It's a great site that has become one of my favorite stops on my Google Reader. Well she's been reading and blogging for Darfur for the past month and doing a great job promoting awareness of the horrible things that happen over there. Personally I’m one of those don’t-read-the-news types (and I have to stay away from those really sad novels too) because it seriously depresses me but I am aware of what’s going on to some degree…..

Whoa, I just went way off the topic I was originally aiming for here. Okay, let’s start again. Maw has been donating money (and is going to have a humongous giveaway thanks to author and publisher donations) for comments and stuff on her blog and she recently hosted a giveaway for whoever guessed what day her blog would reach 100,000 hits and I guessed September 21 and won! So yay!!! But seriously, even more importantly, everyone should go by, congratulate Maw, and look around because it’s a really interesting blog.

Now I'm going to be selfish and say, "I can hardly wait for her to send me that giftcard." Lol. I know, I'm horrible. There are just WAY too many good books coming out in October for my own good :o)


  1. I have been to her blog, and it is great. Congrats on winning the giveaway.
    Blogging for Darfur is an awesome idea.

  2. Yeah for you! I think that is so wonderful!!

  3. Congratulations to both you and Maw! I'll go check out the blog now. :)


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