Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Happy Things Meme

Samantha at Sam’s Book Blog tagged me for the Six Things that Make Me Happy meme so here goes (in no specific order):

1. My husband who spoils me rotten

2. My cat who never ceases to make me laugh

3. The rest of my family of course

4. Disney stuff (movies, old memorabilia sites, the old Disneyland TV show that I’m currently trying to work my way through)

5. Books

6. Comments lol!

Here is who I’m tagging:

Wendy at Musings of a Bookish Kitty

DesLily at Here, There, and Everywhere 2nd edition

Naida at the Bookworm

Dar at Peeking Between the Pages

Alice Teh at Hello, My Name Is Alice

Nymeth at things mean a lot

~ Don’t feel obligated to play if you don’t feel up to it!


  1. Thanks for tagging me, Jen! I'll be working on it and shall post soon. Books make me happy too! :D

  2. This looks fun Jen-there's so many things that make me happy. Thanks for the tag. I'll get it posted this week.

  3. I love this meme! I'll definitely play along :D

  4. Looking forward to all your answers (although I know books is going to be high on that list lol)!

  5. I would be suprised if books isn't on everyone's list :) Great list Jen!

  6. Love the pics!
    I have the same kinda husband. Aren't we lucky! :)

  7. Thank you for tagging me, Jen! This one looks like fun! I think my list will have at least three similar responses. LOL

  8. awwww cute kitties :)
    those are 6 great things!
    my post is up too.

  9. Samantha: Lol, I think you're right so far at least!

    Alyssa Goodnight: Thank you! Yes, I think we must be!

    Wendy: You're welcome, looking forward to your other three lol.

    Naida: I wonder how many of them are photo-shopped but I thought they were cute anyways! Thank you.


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