Monday, January 19, 2009

Musing Monday-Sick Days

Today’s MUSING MONDAYS post is about reading while sick……

How does your being sick (or injured) affect your reading? Do you read more? Less? Do you pick out a different book than you had already planned? Do you have a "comfort book" that makes you feel better?

Honestly it depends on how bad I feel and what kind of medicine I'm taking. Alot of medicine completely knocks me though. I try to read something light or "fluffy" when I am sick (that or I watch TV- Disney's Alice in Wonderland always makes me feel a little better) so I don't really have to concentrate too hard. Sorry, no comfort book for me so far!


  1. I dont usually read if i'm sick, I prefer to watch tv or sleep.

  2. I tend to continue reading whatever I'm already in the middle of reading, even when I'm sick. Or I'll end up watching a DVD or TV if I'm too sick to focus and I'm not sleeping.

  3. Ladytink- THAT IS SO WEIRD!!!!! I always watch Alice In Wonderland when I'm sick (and old Scooby Doo episodes). I've done it since was a young kid and it a kind of comfort thing for me when I don't feel well. Cartoons are great when you are sick1

  4. I need to go do my Musing Monday. I'm the same as you-depends on the medicine. Almost everything I take knocks me for a loop. lol.

  5. It depends for me too. If I have a fever, for example, I can hardly focus on a book.

  6. Naida: Yeah me too. Reading when I'm sick is a rare occasion.

    Wendy: I guess if the book I was currently reading was too "heavy" I would just watch something on TV.

    Samantha: Oh I'm big into animation when I'm not feeling well. I think its the songs lol.

    Dar: I almost forgot the musing this morning myself! Anything that has acetaminophen in it knocks me out cold (whether it says non-drowsy or not). So whenever I have a cold or the flu I spend almost the entire time asleep. The last time I was really sick I was wake for about 8 or 9 hours total in three whole days!

    Nymeth: When I have a fever I tend to just sleep lol.

  7. I dont read much at all if I am sick. I'm getting a cold now and I see my reading decreasing. I just can't read if I feel like crap. Doesn't work for me.

  8. I'll be sleeping and if I'm up to it, I'll definitely read.

  9. Rachel: Uh oh! I hope you get better soon! Start taking lots of vitamins so it won't be as bad.

    Alice Teh: I always have a hard time reading when I'm sick b/c my brain feels like mush lol.

  10. I do read when I'm sick, unless it's one of those bad cases that I don't even have the energy or mood to do anything! And of course, some medicine that'll knock me off!


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