Monday, January 5, 2009

Musing Monday- Library Books

Today’s MUSING MONDAYS post is about library books…

Do you have a system for borrowing out books from the library? Do you know what you're going to borrow before you get there? How often do you borrow out books?

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No I don't have a particular system. My library catalog is online and whenever I need a particular book I just order it. Then I go and pick up my stack of books (and sometimes movies) and they're waiting for me at the desk. I sometimes browse but for the most part, I'm in and out in under 5-10 minutes.

I borrow books WAY too often. I go to pick up and drop off at least once a week which is why I currently own so many books that I haven't read. Actually, I'm pretty positive that I own more unread books than ones I have read!


  1. I'm a library junkie lately. I request online, then when I go to pick up I browse the shelves, too! :-) I see you're reading Alice In Wonderland. I thought it was adorable! So many fun characters! I was only luke-warm with Through The Looking Glass.


  2. Online reserving makes things so easy. I keep thinking we should borrow DVDs from the library, but we haven't done that yet.

  3. I know I own more unread than read books... I justify it by thinning out the read ones when I don't like them so much.

  4. I own more unread than read books too, and yet I still borrow books from work!

  5. I do the same with the library-order the books online and then just go pick them up. At this point I definitely own more unread books than ones I've read. lol.

  6. By the way I left you an award on my blog. Check it out.

  7. I wish for a good library here so that I could read books that I want to read but not buying, and save the dough to buy those I want to keep for my personal library. But alas, the libraries in Malaysia are not so good so I resorted to buying. SIGH~

  8. Lezlie: It was my third time reading Wonderland I think. There was some things I didn't like in Looking Glass but I do enjoy it.

    Beth F.: I LOVE being able to get movies for free lol. You'd be surprised at what kind of films libraries carry.

    Kailana: I'm mostly a hoarder so I can't justify my collection lol.

    A Girl in this Vicinity: I have ten unread library books and I just ordered five more lol. Know how you feel!

    Dar: So much more convenient! Thank you, I will!

    Alice Teh: That really sucks. The libraries where I used to live weren't very good so I'm very glad that my current libraries are so well stocked.

  9. I hardly visit the libraries nowadays... I don't think I'm able to finish reading the books on time and moreover, I love the feeling of getting new books! LOL.

  10. cool about ordering from the library catalog,
    that must be such a time saver.

  11. Melody: That's why I love having my library system be online, I can renew! There is nothing like owning the books though so I can relate.

    Naida: Lol you have no idea!


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