Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Shirley Temple

So what's your favorite Shirley Temple film?

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  1. Hey Jen!
    Come by my blog and name it for me please? I'll give you a $10 giftcard if I pick your name. :)

  2. Can I say all? Is that allowed?

    One of the things I remember about being really little is my mother calling out when there was a Shirly Temple movie on TV and I'd come running - consequently I'd always miss the first part. And I ALWAYS wantd her hair.

  3. The Little Princess will always be my favorite. :-)

  4. Rachael: I'll try to think up a few more later. My brain hurts lol.

    Rebecca: I know I must have watched her with my grandmother when I was a kid but I can't really remember it too well. All is allowed!

    Wendy: That's the first one I remember seeing :o)

  5. Shirley Temple was my introduction to movies! I can't think of any one above another. But (and I've alluded to this before in my blog) any time she is with Bojangles, Buddy Ebsen or Arthur Treacher I'm a happy camper!

  6. I think The Little Princess. And I love that scene where she dances on thes stairs with Bojangles in the movie 'little colonel'.

  7. I'm with Rebecca on "all" and "her hair". Plus, that little pout is adorable!

    The movie station (this was before cable, it was the local UHF station) would run Shirley Temple marathons quite a bit and I'd watch for hours on the little black & white portable TV in our basement.

    Thanks for the memories!

  8. NoBs: I just love Buddy Ebsen :o)

    Naida: I'm not positive but I think that was the first movie I saw with her in it,

    Dawn: You're welcome! She was just SO darn cute!


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